Vitamin D3 and Doc's Best Made Better!

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Shine your brightest with VitaShine Vitamin D3! Newly incorporated into our Vitamin D3 and Doc’s Best Daily Multivitamin, this ingredient offers all the same benefits as the vitamin D3 we currently use, but now comes from a vegan, non-GMO plant-based source that is lanolin-free.

Why the change?

  • Lichen, the organic plant-based source of VitaShine D3, is a sustainably harvested source of cholecalciferol, which is the superior form of vitamin D.
  • Minimal processing is required with VitaShine D3, as lichen produces its own vitamin D3 naturally.
  • Lanolin is a compound extracted from sheep wool which must undergo a series of treatments, including exposure to extremely powerful UV light.
  • Though lichen-sourced vitamin D3 is more expensive than that from lanolin, the cost is decreasing as more research is conducted and better extraction methods are developed.
  • VitaShine D3 offers the best vegan vitamin D3 available and is soy free, gluten free, alcohol free, non-GMO and cruelty free.

The importance of vitamin D for radiant health is well known. It plays a role in every tissue and cell in your body, and yet, vitamin D deficiency is incredibly common; it’s very difficult to get enough from your diet alone. Supplementation is a beneficial way to take in adequate amounts of vitamin D and other essential nutrients which your body needs. Let our improved Vitamin D3 supplement and Doc’s Best Daily Multivitamin be part of your insurance-against-deficiency program.

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