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Collagen Peptides, 550 mg, 360 Capsules collagen peptides, joint, joints, healthy bones, hair, skin, Collagen
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Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and is a key constituent of all connective tissues. Collagen provides the infrastructure of the musculoskeletal system, essential for mobility. Peptides are short chain amino acids naturally derived from collagen protein. These natural peptides are highly bio-available, digestible, and soluble in cold water. The intake of collagen ensures the cohesion, elasticity and regeneration of skin, hair, tendon, cartilage, bones, and joints.Collagen is a...

Colostrum Powder, 250 grams Colostrum, raw colostrum, freeze dried colostrum powder, immune support, immune boost, additive-free supplements, Dr. Rons
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Dr. Ron’s Six-Hour Colostrum Powder is the most potent colostrum available. Colostrum is the first lacteal secretion produced by the mammary glands of mammals prior to the production of milk. Over 80 components comprise the unique balance of immune-enhancing nutrients preserved by carefully processing the fresh colostrum, all collected from the first milking within six hours of the birth of bovine calves. Quality materials, superior handling and gentle processes are the trademark and passion...

Coptis, 90 Capsules
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Coptis may be used in combination with the R-5081 as an alternative to the Allicin for individuals who experience gastric distress or other problems using the potent garlic bulb extract. Coptis and R-5081 are effective wide-spectrum antimicrobials for combating the Lyme infection.NOTE: Some users may experience mild to extreme drowsiness when first taking the Coptis. Experience shows that this effect lessens with continued usage.

Cordyceps-M, 45 capsules Zhang, Chinese herbals, Chinese herbal extracts, Dr. Zhang, Dr Zhang, Cordyceps, Chinese medicine, Cordyceps Capsules
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Cordyceps may be included in any lyme protocol when recommended by your consulting physician.Has therapeutic effects on the liver and kidneys.Increases heart muscle efficiency by lowering oxygen demands.Improves overall aerobic activity.May be used in conjunction with Artemisiae or Artemisiae-2 boosting antiviral properties against bartonella and mycoplasma.

Dandelion Leaf, 200 mg, 90 Capsules Dandelion leaf, organic dandelion leaf, Taraxacum officinale leaf
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Taraxacum Officinale Leaf100% Fresh Freeze-Dried Ingredients100% Kosher

Deep Thought:  The Mental Clarity Formula, 60 capsules Mental Clarity, Phospatidyl Serine, Acetyl L-Carnitine, L-Carnitine, Ginkgo Biloba, Vinpocetine, memory, brain, mental performance, memory enhancer, additive-free supplements
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Thinking is as biological as digestion, and adequate amounts of critical nutrients help maintain mental clarity as we get older. Each of the five nutrients in Deep Thought has been shown in independent studies to have a positive effect on mental clarity and memory. Phosphatidyl serine improves and maintains the fluidity of the membranes of brain cellsAcetyl L-Carnitine enhances cellular energy and improves mental performance, slowing the effects of aging. Gotu kola has been used to alleviate...

Docs Daily Multi, 180 capsules docs best, docs best, docs daily, docs daily, multi vitamin, mineral, antioxidant, 100% additive-free, coenzyme Q10, grape seed extract, calcium, hydroxyapatite, magnesium, trace minerals, microcrystalline hydroxyapatite, cholecalciferol
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ANNOUNCING A NEW NAME FOR OUR GREAT MULTIVITAMIN: DOC’S DAILY MULTIVITAMIN PLUSOur best-selling daily multivitamin is getting a new name—Doc’s Daily! That’s the only thing changing. It has exactly the same effective formula, with exactly the same potent ingredients, and exactly the same premium quality sourcing. It’s still the same outstanding multivitamin you can rely on to meet your daily needs. Why Choose Doc's Daily? Recent research has shown the importance of using the most carefully...

Docs Friendly Flora Probiotics, 90 capsules probiotics, intestinal health, GI health, lactic acid bacteria, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Lactobacilli acidophilus DDS-1, Bifidobacteria, good bacteria
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Probiotics are dietary supplements containing beneficial microbes – bacteria or yeasts. Each of us hosts microbes that play a critical role in human health; a healthy intestinal tract harbors over 400 different species of native and transient microorganisms. These beneficial microbes: enhance digestion and the availability of nutrientssupply antioxidants and other key nutrients, including lactoferrinaid in detoxification by favoring fermentation and helping to overcome putrefactionprovide...

Docs Triple Threat, 750mg, 90 capsules Erection, enhanced erection, libido, penile dysfunction, horny goat weed, Doc's Triple Threat, aphrodisiac, sexual enhancement supplement
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Doc’s Triple Threat contains two herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) – Horny Goat Weed (Yin Yang Huo) and Cnidium Monnieri (Shi Chuang Zi) – and the amino acid L-Arginine. The three work together to enhance circulation to areas that most need it. Enhanced blood flow to the penis results in a greater ability to achieve and maintain a vigourous erection.We never knew the formula for Love Potion Number Nine. This may have been it. Horny Goat Weed (Yin Yang Huo), Icariin and Libido...

Docs Yang Energy, 500 mg, 180 capsules Docs Yang Energy, Panax ginseng,Fenuside, Dr. Rons, Dr. Ron Schmid, Weston Price, traditional nutrition, optimal nutrition, native-nutrition
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Testosterone is essential for building muscles – and the less you have, the faster they disappear. Decreased testosterone causes hair loss, and increased ”spare tire” fat, accompanied by wrinkling of the skin and shrinking of the gonads.Doc’s Yang Energy is designed to boost levels of testosterone for increased muscle mass, decreased hair loss, and greater sexual desire and performance. Increased blood levels of testosterone support a surging sex life and greater energy. Fenugreek, Fenuside...

Emu Oil Topical
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Walkabout Health Products, Australian Emu Oil: Topical Use "If you can't eat it don't put it on your skin!" The most nourishing skin care that Mother Nature has to offer! ♦ Anti-inflammatory ♦ Deep Penetrating ♦ Anti-aging Promotes a radiant, healthy, more youthful looking skin for the whole family. Helps prevent wrinkles by moisturizing the skin, and removes calcium from the skin which increases elasticity. Improves the appearance of premature aging and thinning skin. Bacteriostatic (clears...

Emu Oil, 4 oz
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Walkabout Australian Emu Oil Walkabout Emu Oil is a life sustaining fat. A synergistic combination of nutrients assembled and balanced by nature. Nature’s best natural occurring source of vitamin K2 MK-4, the most nutritionally important form of K2. Vitamin K2 is a nutrient our ancestors ate in abundance and is lacking in our modern diets. Unadulterated - all the factors and co-factors that nature deemed necessary for this fat to work at its optimal are left intact—nothing added in or taken...