Sonny tropical island

  1. Exercise is overrated. Couch potatoes rule! A heavy workout is a 30-minute walk, preferably in the sun so I can say, “Hey, I worked up a sweat!” Move slowly, but often. Play a little tennis! (mostly doubles).
  2. Sunshine is underrated. Think South Seas island, under an umbrella. Don’t bake, just toast a little. Humans at heart are solar powered.
  3. A nap is a beautiful thing, especially on a weekday.
  4. A truly significant other is an even more beautiful thing, especially on the weekend.
  5. Government officials may occasionally say something true, but never about diet. Eat plenty of animal fats! Avoid excess carbs!
  6. Cats and dogs make you feel good. Bigger animals make you work hard, and sometimes step on your feet.
  7. Whenever you start thinking you’re the cat’s meow, watch out for the Rottweiler about to bite your butt.
  8. Whatever Mom and Dad did right, love them for it. Whatever they did wrong, get over it. You’re the boss now.
  9. Your great-grandmother knew more about health and nutrition than your doctor. Start channeling her.
  10. There’s no fool like an old fool. Change now before it’s too late.