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    • 2520 mg Calcium Hydroxyapatite, from New Zealand bovines, yields 600 mg optimally absorbed calcium in six capsules
    • 3060 mg Magnesium Taurate, yielding 612 mg magnesium
    • Microcrystalline hydroxyapatite concentrate (MCHC) is the best source of calcium, with the full spectrum of trace minerals that comprise healthy bone.
    • Our MCHC is cold processed to preserve the protein matrix and organic factors, and its crystalline structure is verified by x-ray diffraction studies.
    • We add no other forms of calcium. Furthermore, our product contains 20% of Type I collagen protein, the predominant collagen in bone. A lesser percentage, as found in other bone products, indicates contamination with unwanted components.
    • Calcium and magnesium are important electrolytes for proper muscle contraction. May help relax the muscles when taken before bedtime to improve sleep.
    • Magnesium and taurate are both essential nutrients for heart health
    • Magnesium taurate is among the best absorbed forms of magnesium
    • Whether you choose one, two, or up to six a day, our state-of-the-art formula provides optimal bone and cardiovascular support