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    Why would it be important to take Vitamin E? Because Vitamin E is critically involved in all human systems and is in critically short supply in refined-food diets. This may explain why so many people feel better, in a wide variety of different ways, when taking Vitamin E regularly.

    Hundreds of clinical studies have reported vitamin E’s anti-clotting and antioxidant effects. Vitamin E also helps prevent excessive scar tissue production and opens up new circulation in damaged tissue, bypassing blocks produced by clots and hardened arteries.

    Vitamin E supplements should contain at least 20% gamma tocopherol; most contain none. Most Vitamin E supplements contain soy or other oil diluents. Only Unique E Complex contains no soy or other oils, fillers, colors, or additives.

    Nutrition Information: Each capsule of Unique E Complex contains 400 IU of d-alpha tocopherol, the anti-thrombosis factor, and at least 36% d-gamma tocopherol (300 mg), with 132 mg of d-delta and d-beta tocopherols. The d-gamma, d-beta, and d-delta tocopherols are the critical antioxidants that protect against harmful free radicals.