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Dr. Ron's Ultra-Pure was founded in 2000 to meet the needs of patients who require nutritional supplements for their health, well-being and longevity. Since there were few options available which were both 100% additive-free and free from lubricating oils such as magnesium stearate, Dr. Ron began formulating, producing and providing them for his patients.

In 2006 Dr. Ron's Ultra-Pure added natural, chemical-free skin and hair care products to its offerings. Made with rich botanical extracts, essential oils, herbs and other natural ingredients, they hydrate, restore and rejuvenate your skin and hair. In addition, we carefully avoid substances which contaminate either people or the environment.

To this day Dr. Ron's Ultra-Pure continues to offer the finest, most pure and potent supplements to complement traditional diets. We source ingredients largely from North and South America, Europe and New Zealand. Because we use only pure nutrients our supplements achieve maximum absorption. We are dedicated to fulfilling our promise of purity, quality, potency and value. Dr. Ron's words are still our guiding principle: "Our customers trust us to give them the best. My promise to each of you is that we will continue striving to do just that."

"Thank you very much for the service and quality of your products. My family and I have been enjoying your many supplements for over 13 years. Honestly, where would we go to find such state of the art health products had we not discovered your website."
- Dawn L.