Got Kids? On the Way? Why Weston Price is a Mom’s Best Friend

Healthy Mom and childInfertility affects some one-third of today’s young women. And millions of young children suffer with problems they are born with or develop as toddlers.

Weston Price understood that these problems stemmed from poor nutrition. His studies of traditional cultures showed that proper emphasis on high quality animal foods ensured healthy pregnancies and children. In every group studied, special diets for pregnant women and children included lots of fat-soluble nutrients from wild or grassfed animals.

This is why we recommend our New Zealand Organs and Glands, Cod Liver Oils, and Butter Oil and ghee for moms, moms-to-be and their kids. These supplements richly supply critical nutrients that are in short supply in modern diets.

It is also a good idea to include our multi, Doc’s Best, in the prenatal routine for assurance of an adequate supply of folate, trace minerals and other nutrients. Our Cal-Mag Hydroxyapatite, featuring bone calcium from New Zealand animals, is also helpful, especially in the third trimester and in lactation.

There is no substitute for good nutrition in pregnancy and for kids, and our supplements complement your diet with the kind of nutritional insurance we think every mom or mom-to-be wants. We’ve done our best to provide products that reflect the emphasis Dr. Price placed on critical nutrients in pregnancy and for growing children.

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