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With many of our raw ingredients being sourced outside the US, we have been experiencing delays and lengthy lockdowns. Subsequently, we are facing several inventory shortages on key products.

As materials are being released, we will be working furiously to refresh supplies, but are also beholden to our 3rd party manufacturing facilities available resources and queue times.

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    Vitamin D, commonly known as "the Sunshine Vitamin," is actually a hormone mostly produced in the skin when exposed to sunlight, and absorbed from the food we eat.  Vitamin D is essential for the absorption of calcium and development and maintenance of strong bones.  One to two Dr. Ron's Vitamin D capsules a day will:

    •  Support bone health*

    •  Promote calcium absorption and control calcium concentration in the blood*

    •  Provide the most biologically active form of vitamin D3 — cholecalciferol — from a non-GMO organic plant source*

    These are supplements you can trust:

    •  Developed and manufactured by research professionals and health care providers

    •  Premium quality, pure, potent and highly absorbable

    •  ZERO  Additives, Binders, Fillers, Coatings or Magnesium Stearate

    •  ZERO  Gluten Wheat, Dairy, Corn, Soy, Egg, Fish, Shellfish, Tree Nuts, Peanuts

    Did you know?

    •  That long-term insufficiency of vitamin D can lead to muscle weakness and pain as well as an increased risk of fractures, falls, rickets and softening of the bones

    •  That recent studies show many people nowadays have inadequate amounts of vitamin D — 

    — due to less time spent outdoors in the sun

    — due to the use of sun block

    — due to lack of sun exposure during the winter months

    — due to weaker sunlight in Northern latitudes

    — due to having dark skin

    — due to having excess body fat which causes vitamin D to be stored in fat cells instead of being circulated in the bloodstream, where it's needed

    •  That foods such as fatty fish, cod liver oil, beef or calf liver, egg yolks, and milk or yogurt fortified with vitamin D are good sources of vitamin D

    •  Newer research suggests that higher blood levels of vitamin D may provide protection from numerous diseases, such as: diabetes, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, depression, several auto-immune diseases and cancers of the breast, prostate and colon

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