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With many of our raw ingredients being sourced outside the US, we have been experiencing delays and lengthy lockdowns. Subsequently, we are facing several inventory shortages on key products.

As materials are being released, we will be working furiously to refresh supplies, but are also beholden to our 3rd party manufacturing facilities available resources and queue times.

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    Probiotics are dietary supplements containing beneficial microbes – bacteria or yeasts. Each of us hosts microbes that play a critical role in human health; a healthy intestinal tract harbors over 400 different species of native and transient microorganisms. These beneficial microbes:

    • enhance digestion and the availability of nutrients
    • supply antioxidants and other key nutrients, including lactoferrin
    • aid in detoxification by favoring fermentation and helping to overcome putrefaction
    • provide natural antibiotics such as acidophillin, bifidin, and hydrogen peroxide, all of which destroy pathogens
    • Each capsule provides 12 billion microbes

    Sugar and other simple carbohydrates, food additives, chlorinated or fluoridated water and antibiotics upset this native, normal flora, while cultured foods such as yogurt and fermented vegetables help repopulate it.