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    Organ Delight, grassfed New Zealand freeze-dried organs & glands

    Now Available Porcine-Free

    If you avoid pork products, or live in Australia, New Zealand, Canada or Europe where we cannot send our regular Organ Delight because of import restrictions, our new porcine-free Organ Delight is for you.

    Animal Organs and Glands

    Animal organs and glands were considered the most essential foods in traditional cultures everywhere. In modern times, scientists have shown that proteins specific to individual organs selectively travel to the corresponding organs of the person consuming the animal organs.

    Dr. Weston A. Price

    Dr. Weston Price, the author of Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, was the most famous nutritionist of his era. Dr. Price traveled the world in the 1930s studying the relationships between food and health in hunter-gatherer and other native cultures. He wrote often about the central role of organs and glands in traditional diets.

    The North American Indians emphasized eating raw organs and glands, especially the adrenals and the liver. The Kikuyu tribe in Africa thought the liver was the seat of the soul and consumed large quantities. Eskimos ate the organs of large sea mammals. The Swiss of the Loetschental Valley made stews with meat, organs and bones.

    When Dr. Price asked native people why they emphasized the foods they did, they invariably replied, “So we can make perfect babies.” When Price analyzed their special foods, the foods were invariably rich in fat-soluble activators. More about Weston Price's work

    Overall Customer Rating of 3 Reviews:

    Amazing product

    Very fresh and excellent selection of organs. Customer service was amazing. Chris called me on a Sunday to make sure my order was correct since I ordered another item on accident. I also ordered some other organ products from Dr. Rons and I love how they do not cut their organ products with a ton of liver to save cost like other desiccated organ companies

    Neutral taste, good quality

    Well this is basically a go-to solution if you don't like the taste of offal. It's liver, kidney, and other lovely bits all made into one pill. So you get the benefit of iron and other nutrients without having to eat the actual organs. Not cheap but worth it.


    Life Saver

    • It works to balance moods
    • CURED- Severe
    • Major Depressive Disorder
    • Slowly experiencing weight loss
    • None. I split one serving into two

    Organ delight supplement taken 3 capsules in AM before food and 3 capsules at lunchtime with an essentially 'raw' foods diet and exercise when it feels right, always stretching has changed my life. With a severe major depressions and years of fighting mood swings, after a year of prepping 'up' I stopped a BAD medicine suddenly and have been able to maintain my moods, and I feel 'normal and in control' of my thoughts and feelings. Now I can feel genuinely happy or sad or upset, and it is is a real true feeling. Highly recommend organ delights for a fixed schedule, or one or two capsules for an already healthy personal maintenance plan.

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