Our Customers Say...

"I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in July, 2011 and was treated with radiation, which left me with pain in the area and frequency and urgency of urination. I began taking Dr. Ron's Prostate capsules in October, three daily. I can see a tremendous difference - I have much less urgency and frequency. The pain improved, but then got worse after l long car trip at Christmas. When I got home, I took six capsules all at once, and the pain disappeared. It has not come back since. I still take three capsules a day. I think this is a wonderful product. I tried other prostate products but never got results like this."

- Richard P.

"Thank you for the love that you put into your work... these products are so wonderful and they are something that I never have to worry about giving to my children or husband. There is a trust there that I have grown to love. Thank you again."

- Michel L.

"Stop it! You are making us order more products! I am so glad I accidentally order you MSM Facial Wash instead of the Scrub. I absolutely love it. It washes my makeup off like nothing I've ever used, and leaves my skin feeling wonderful. I cannot thank you enough for sending me the sample of your Alpha Lipoic Revitalizing Moisturizer so I could try this miracle..."

- Babs

"LOVED the shampoo sample you sent in my last order-which is why I am ordering shampoo more! Is it the only shampoo that has ever made my hair feel soft and manageable without making it greasy or weighing down. I'm very sensitive to scents, and the MSM Shampoo has such a light scent that I had no problems with it whatsoever. Thank you for your continued excellence and thoughtfulness in carrying top-quality products. We will continue to support you and pass your name along friends."

- Amanda R.