Doc’s Best, our state-of-the-art multi is genuine health insurance

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Doc’s Best

People spend a fortune each year on health insurance.

People spend a fortune each year on health insurance. This insurance does not preserve health or prevent medical problems. We might better describe it as ”disease insurance,” designed to protect us financially.

Doc’s Best, Our State-of-the-Art Multi is Genuine Health Insurance
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What about real health insurance? Are there steps we can take to build health and to slow down the aging process? Most of us think of diet and exercise, and do our best to move in healthy directions. Food supplements, like a multi vitamin-mineral, may play a key role, if carefully chosen and of optimal quality.

Nutritional deficiencies are a very real problem. A properly formulated multi provides ideal amounts of all the essential vitamins, minerals, and other critical nutrients, in their optimal forms. This helps prevent or correct nutritional deficiencies.

To be great, a multi vitamin-mineral must provide genuine health insurance and outstanding value. Our multi does this. Doc’s Best was formulated in 2000 when we first started our company. In 2008 we revised our current formula, utilizing the latest research on optimal forms of nutrients. As with all of our products, Doc’s Best contains only the pure nutrients, with absolutely no additives or extraneous ingredients of any kind. This is unique; additives such as magnesium stearate are used throughout the industry as manufacturing aids (see our article ”Why We Use Absolutely No Additives”).

Each bottle of Doc’s Best contains 180 capsules. The recommended dose is from one to six capsules daily. That is indeed a wide range, but deliberately so. The ideal dose for many people, particularly those most likely to have or develop nutritional deficiencies (pregnant and lactating women, or individuals with known medical problems), is six daily. For many others I recommend one to four. Taking one a day, a bottle of Doc’s Best lasts six months; at two daily, three months; and at the full dose of six daily, one month. Even one a day provides significant amounts of nutrients. If you are not sure about the right dose for you, please contact me through our website and describe your situation. I will be happy to make a recommendation for you, as well as recommendations about any other supplements we offer including dosing.

Doc’s Best is not a substitute for a healthy diet and lifestyle. But in terms of quality, ease of implementation, and affordability, it is indeed outstanding health insurance. I have recommended Doc’s Best to thousands of people over the years. It is the best multi I know for myself and my family.

Doc’s Best, the next generation—the perfect one- or two-a-day multi–one bottle of 180 capsules lasts three to six months.

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