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Too Much of a NOT so Good Thing

Three years ago this summer, I experienced increasingly severe shortness of breath and swelling of my lower legs, symptoms I had been noticing for a couple of years. It got so bad that on July 11, 2012, I went to the hospital emergency room. I was admitted and quickly diagnosed with advanced heart failure. I was stunned. An old saying has it that only a fool has himself for a doctor. I was that fool. Despite the obvious signs, I’d never imagined my heart could be failing. Now I could only...

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Making Sense of Nutritional Supplements

Introduction Over thirty years ago, I read a little book called Vitamin E for Ailing and Healthy Hearts, by the Shute brothers. It’s still a good read. The brothers, who were Canadian medical doctors, presented the case for vitamin E supplements. I began taking vitamin E and researching the usefulness of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and special foods in the treatment of health problems. As I learned, a number of these substances are helpful to anyone interested in optimizing their health, while...

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