Would you willingly apply chemicals, toxins, or harsh detergents to your hair in an effort to make it look and feel healthy? And yet that’s probably what you’re doing when you reach for the shampoo and conditioner in your very own bathroom. And those chemicals and toxins running down the drain aren’t any better for our environment. Do you want a greener, healthier alternative?

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How To Have More Energy

by | Monday, August 5, 2019 | 0 comment(s)

1 in 3 of us claims to feel permanently shattered, with the pace of modern life the biggest energy sapping culprit, according to Mintel research. Many of us turn to knocking back a coffee, but that will only mask the symptoms of tiredness. You’ll perk up temporarily because it stimulates the delivery of more oxygenated blood around the body, but when it wears off you may feel even worse. Try these tips instead.

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